Wanting to control his own destiny and change the ignorant lifestyle he adopted over the years being in the streets of the Bronx New York American Rapper/CEO Stizzle Stakz™ linked up with his Long Time Friend / Business partner That Was Like A Brother To Him left to Florida cleaned up his act and quit all the negative habits that were ultimately detrimental to his career. He enrolled in Full Sail University for his bachelor’s degree in Music Business and started to work on his new project that would be his debut album. In 2012 he was gearing up to release “Eye’s On The Money” but scratched it after changing his mindset and way of living. Shortly after starting the writing process for his new album stizzle came up with the idea to create an album based around the movie “On The Waterfront” starring Marlon Brando directed by Elia Kazan but about his life. As a kid his father would show all of Marlon Brando’s and James Dean movies as well as Elia Kazan directed films to him. “On The Waterfront” was a yearly tradition film that him and his father would watch and It became one of Stizzle Stakz™ favorite movies of all time. His Father came up with the idea to name the album “Back On The Waterfront” reincarnating the legendary film and adding an innovative take/sequel to the film. Stizzle Stakz™ then returned to New York City and opened up his record company Muzik Brought Correctly© LLC. And began to record the album. Due to not being content with the quality Stizzle returned back to Florida to record the album In A New Studio. This album represents him reinventing himself as the Marlon Brando Of Rap® and the James Dean of Hip-Hop® introducing his new alias to the world as Brando Dean™. No features on the album, he wanted to show the world he can stand on his own and create a classic contribution to the New York City Hip-Hop Culture. On This Album he expresses his struggles, pain, mishaps, lost opportunities, environment disadvantages of not only himself but others around him and those that can relate. He also expresses his love for nostalgic entertainment,
​entertainers, Hip-Hop, music period, pop culture, films and New York city Traditions. His message throughout the album is being in control of your own destiny, becoming a CEO, Dreams do come true, hard work pays off; being yourself is key and never quit something you truly believe in. Being Puerto Rican and Greek Stizzle Stakz™ artistry is proprietary in the Hip-Hop world and he plans on breaking the barriers and opening new doors in the industry. This album is said to be a masterpiece of work with its classic golden era of Hip-Hop production. “Back On The WaterFront” is filled with substance, mature content, lyrical genius, incredible delivery and showcases His star quality considerably. Stizzle Stakz™ would like to give a special thanks to His Mother & Father, Calvin Infante, lili jones, Cheech, Jay Cuzzo, Meink, Worm, Johnny Wu, Lou Primetime, St.Peter's, MoneyBag Click, His whole family and everyone that did and didn’t believe in him. Rest In Peace Grandma Venus, Little Ray, Uncle Frank, UNCLE D, JAY (Barber) Pito, Carlos V, Neil & Los Money. 

  • Intro (Somebody Skit)1:30
  • What's My Name3:41
  • New York City3:15
  • Smoke Wit Me3:38
  • You Love Me2:21
  • Interlude (Real Friend)2:02
  • On Point3:21
  • Sound Like ft Sleez2:56
  • Cocaine Downfalls2:47
  • Sober Nights3:08
  • Headed To The Money3:22
  • Smoke Break2:11
  • Stay Wit Me4:12
  • Interlude (Finish What You Started)2:10
  • Life"s Good3:17